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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

POS, Black Ops & Cloaking

You can't see me. I am cloaked.
A couple more good questions from the forums:
The dead horse about POS themselves: everyone agree that it would be very hard to do, but what would be your opinion on what do to about POS?
I'd like to see the current starbases be relegated to a purely military role and actual "Personal Owned Structures" be introduced. Modular add-ons, white picket fences, all that jazz. Of course, POS code makes the coders eyes bleed and then there would have to be Art done for it all. The in house term used for this (as it has been discussed in the past and talked about at FanFest) were 'Shanty Towns' that players could build in space. 

TLDR - I want to see modular player structures, like legos in space. Hell yeah.
How should Black-Ops Battleships be iterated on? Your thoughts on "AFK cloaking" and what you feel should be achievable goals for small stealth fleets?
Black Ops need love so bad that it's criminal. These ships should be doing amazing James Bond stuff that no other ships can do; at the very least they need a serious look-at because I see them bridging Stealth Bombers to targets more often than actually doing anything themselves.

The AFK cloaking thing is annoying as hell and could 'easily' be solved by requiring cloaks to use fuel (like LO) in order to operate. Fuel usage could be a simple calculation based on mass and ships that are supposed to cloak would obviously be more fuel efficient. The only real problem with this is that any mechanic like that would require a 'cycle time' like guns or anything else that consumes "ammo", which cloaks do not have. I'm sure it could be programmed to work like this but for whatever reason this issue remains untouched.

To go a bit further though, my thoughts on this issue stem from more than JUST the "AFK cloaking" stuff as was asked. I find it "annoying" because I see it as part of a larger problem. I simply think that this issue, like countless others, needs iteration. Think about it - cloaking has not been touched from almost the day it was introduced. No further balancing, no serious looks at how it might be used better, nothing. Why don't specialized ships get some kind of surprise bonus when they de-cloak, or other bonuses that offset negatives? My opinion on this in no way means it's the exact thing that might be implemented. I gave a very short example in response to a specific question. Any solution to the matter would come as the result of input from multiple sources.

TLDR - I see all of this as more of a general balance issue. I would like to see ships that are specialized in using cloaking technology get more specific bonuses to using them while slapping a cloak onto a Raven or something would still work but impose some sort of penalty. That sort of thing.

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