Thank you very much everyone for placing me on CSM 6 and now on CSM 7 where I am currently serving as the Chairman! If you would like to contact me directly, do not hesitate to just send me an eve mail in game. Keep your eyes here and watch for new posts.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The CSM6 Polls are OPEN!

It's that time, folks!  Of course I would like you to vote for me, but please just VOTE. I would not be doing all of this if I did not believe it would matter. I don't need anymore 'free trips to Iceland'. I've been on both sides of the fence both as a Dev and as a player - believe me, a solid CSM can help!

Go. Vote. Help make EVE a better game for everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I voted for you. I figured your experience with the inner workings of CCP as well as your neutral demeanor you would be able to bring a professional level of communication to the position which, after reading the horror stories that were previous CSMs, appears to be sorely lacking. Most importantly, you actually seem to understand what the position actually entails whereas most of the other people are just screaming "I'LL GET THEM TO FIX LAG!!!"

    I haven't played EVE for long enough to know anybody on the CSM in the past so there's not a whole lot I can say from experience but it seems to me that most of the people that are candidates have their own interests at heart. It's my understanding that the job of the CSM chair is to act as a diplomat of sorts between the players and CCP, not push their alliance agenda at the developers. Diplomacy is an art that requires patience not, as you put it, "hurf blurf and fist pounding." The fact that there have ever been people on the CSM in any capacity that resort to that type of behavior when they don't get their way is... disappointing. Is it really any wonder that CCP would make moves to isolate themselves from such behavior? These are the sort of people that get elected when you are dealing with a system as archaic as voting though I suppose.

    I hope that you can remain as neutral in all this as you appear to be. I have a strong feeling that if you were to approach this as if it were any other job that you would probably be met with the same level of professionalism in return.