Thank you very much everyone for placing me on CSM 6 and now on CSM 7 where I am currently serving as the Chairman! If you would like to contact me directly, do not hesitate to just send me an eve mail in game. Keep your eyes here and watch for new posts.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Official CSM 7 Thread Linkage & Endorsements

This is the link to my thread on the EVE Online forums; here you will find details on my entire campaign platform:

Have a read and hopefully you should have most of your questions answered as to why I'm doing this one more time. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an eve mail!

I started playing EVE in Beta 6, back in early 2003. I have had at least one active EVE account from the week the servers went live until today. In that time, I've played EVE at every conceivable level. My most well-known role is as CEO of Body Count Inc. and founder and leader of the old and infamous Mercenary Coalition alliance.

From November 2006 until February 2010, I worked at CCP as a game designer as CCP Abathur. Some of you may remember me as the guy behind wormholes.

When it comes to how I would like to see CCP use their resources in the near future, the top three things I would like to see happen are:

1.) Fix / finish null sec sov

2.) Improve Factional Warfare and life in low-sec

3.) A full blown industrial expansion (see my blogs on this): Fighting for Industry & EVE's Industrial Revolution

My reasons for that order are that I very much want to see CCP iterate on and complete the first two systems that have been lingering in apathy for years now. More importantly, I don't want CCP touching #3 until they can literally put a full expansion's worth of resources into it. It is not an easy task as everything in EVE springs from the way we mine, build and trade. I don't want them rushing it!

I want to see everyone happily blowing each other up and then I would like to see an industry expansion that allows us to invent / build new and fun ways to keep the violence going strong.


Sometimes it is better to hear someone than just read their words. Hear me talk about EVE here:

EVE News 24 - This is a short and broad interview about EVE and my thoughts in general.

Voices of the Void Podcast - A two hour interview with myself, Two Step and Trebor. Very informative and entertaining.


I've picked up a few comments / endorsements along the way so far and will update them as time goes on.  These are some of the ones that lept out at me due to the names involved:

Two Step, CSM 6 Delegate:
"Seleene was a great rep on CSM 6, and I expect he will do the same on CSM 7. Seleene has *always* been willing to raise issues even if those would hurt whatever alliance he is currently in. This includes advocating for nerfs to supercaps while he flies one himself and his alliance (PL) is widely known as the largest users of supers. He has done a fantastic job representing *everyone* who plays this game. Thanks to all of you who voted him on CSM 6, it would have been a much worse CSM without him."
Mynxee, CSM 5 Chair:
"He brings a unique perspective to the CSM due to the combination of being a long-term player with wide experience in the game, a former CCP dev, and now a seasoned CSM member. He's not shy about calling bullshit on anyone and doesn't sugar coat it when he does. Besides that, no one can write a more impassioned, convincing, and humorous wall of text about CSM issues than he can. A vote for Seleene will be a vote for a broad-based perspective and passion for the game."
Meissa Anunthiel, CSM 2,3,4,5 & 6 Delegate:
"I've had the pleasure of working with Seleene on improving the game throughout the years since CSM 2, when he was known as CCP Abathur. As an example of his willingness to put effort into it, he once had a brainstorming session with us for 6 hours... by text... on a Sunday!

Seleene is a veteran player and obviously knowledgeable about the game in general, and when it comes to medium to large scale PvP and 0.0 in particular. Unlike many delegates over the years, he actually bothered to contribute, participate and make the voice of the people who voted for him (or didn't) heard. Shouldn't he already have it, he'd have earned my respect for that alone. I hope I have the chance to work with him again."
Trebor Daehdoow, CSM 5 & 6 Delegate:
"Mark (Seleene) was one of the most effective members of CSM6; he doesn't give a shit about getting credit for stuff getting done, he just cares that stuff gets done, and that CCP deploys their resources efficiently to provide improvements for the whole community.

I don't think you'll find a single member of the CSM -- or CCP dev -- whose opinion you respect that will have anything less than unreserved praise for how much *effort* he put in. A vote for Seleene will not be wasted."
Krutoj, CSM 6 Delegate:
"Having Mark on CSM6 have definitively help push a lot of key fixes through and having his experience as well as other 0.0 members helped open up a better outlook on the issues we have worked on with CCP. Mark is one of the few CSM members I can be proud to have worked with on CSM6."
Shadoo, EVE Alliance Commentator and Pandemic Legion Grand Admiral:
"Love him, or hate him -- you have to admit the man has been there, done that and knows not only the game mechanics, but also can appriciate the difficulties in balancing corporate pressures and tight game release schedules. I think that gives him a unique position to speak as a peer, not only a customer, when it comes to important game wide issues."
 Noisrevbus, Excellent forum poster:
"Knowing he understands the complexity of a given situation and is willing to open up to it, makes Seleene a clear pick for me this round. A candidate who is willing and able to take the discussion is better than anyone who simply agree or disagree. I prefer lasting tangible results over simply being thrown a bone, and i prefer being challenged over patted. Thus, i know voting for Seleene mean i can feel somewhat safely represented through that ideal, not quality as professionalism but as in depth understanding of the game. Showing commitment beyond that is only flattering - and I'll do my best to continue to hound everyone when it comes to priorities." 
Raivi, EVE Alliance Commentator, Hero of the Legion and Sexy Man Beast:
"Seleene obviously worked really hard for CSM 6 and his experience as a prominent dev is very valuable. I'm convinced that CSM 7 won't be at it's full potential without him on it."
There are a lot of folks still finding out, "Oh, it's election season again?"  Yep, it sure is. It's been a very frustrating, but ultimately rewarding term.  I feel like I spent the first 2/3 of the last year beating my head against a brick wall and then finally CCP changed course and started to listen and do shit right.  I was still on the fence about running again until the December summit.  Seeing some old friends at CCP and seeing the change of atmosphere in person was a much needed confidence boost.

It comes down to this - I'd like at least one full term where everything works the way it is supposed to in terms of communication and feedback.  CSM 6 felt like we ended up with myself and the rest of the CSM being firefighters and nuclear clean-up specialists for much of the term. If I can be a part of CSM 7 and help keep CCP on the right course then I'll feel like I've done the job I initially ran for last year to the fullest.

Unlike a lot of others, I do not have 2k or more voters as a starting point in my back pocket. I'm going to need every vote and voice I can get this time around.  Hopefully folks will know that I've done the best job I could and vote with their minds and not what they are told to do by their alliance / bloc. Thank you to those that have already sent me an encouraging email or posted in my campaign thread in support. It makes doing this much more worth while. :)


  1. LOL @ that "fixing EVE" banner, haha! Knock 'em dead, kid...with a wrench to the forehead if necessary.

  2. i hope that if/when you get elected that you will remove the drone alloys and replace them with bounties as well as improve the null-sec mining