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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pushing for 'Spaceships' a waste of time?

Your dad and I were in that Reykjavík pit of hell together...
Strenza asks:
CCP have stated that it is their goal to create this "ultimate sci-fi simulator" and I would just be worried that you are "wasting time" trying to push them in another direction which they have clearly made their minds up on. I would just like to hear your opinion on this. Thanks!
Well, until CCP actually defines what exactly they mean related to the "ultimate sci fi simulator" and produce a roadmap, that is all vaporware. Iterations is based on REAL stuff that is already started/existing. Saying they want to create a 'sci fi simulator' is just big empty words, and I'm not much of a fan of big empty words or things that are :awesome: until backed up by an actual PLAN. Meanwhile... ITERATIONS.

I have accepted that things like Incarna will be a part of EVE because the powers that be have deemed it essential to both their marketing strategy and necessary technological milestones. I am at odds with this design paradigm for the simple reason that, to me, EVE Online has always been a game about spaceships. However, as you pointed out, EVE is no longer going to be just about spaceships. CCP are in the process of adding a whole new side to it so we all have to learn how to deal with that. This means that all sides of EVE are going to need iteration, which means working with the CSM with a view on how to approach that.

In that sense, the CSM isn't a waste of time because it can play the role of guardian for the interests of the players. It can't prevent, but it can make visible things like CCP wasting lots of time on things that really don't matter to players. Although it is no use to oppose everything, the CSM can still ask the tough questions about what is being allocated either to Incarna or to spaceships. That is to the benefit of CCP and to the players at large.

I hope this helps clear up how the CSM can be useful with regard to helping keep CCP honest about how they intend to apply their resources. As CSM5 has shown, it is in CCP's best interests to convince the CSM that what they plan to do is in their customer's best interest. How are the players that the CSM represents getting the best bang for their buck? These are the questions that need to be asked, and CCP needs to be answering them with more than, "It will be :awesome:." :)

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