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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CSM 7 Update #1

More 'official' artwork in production.
This is the first in a series of updates I'll be writing to try and keep as much CSM activity as I can centralized in a one place. I'll be copying these posts to the official EVE forums as well. I will try to do at least one of these updates every 1-2 weeks depending on the level of activity the CSM has going on.

Three Big Questions

1.) Do you guys plan on 'spotlighting' or otherwise publically focusing on a particular issue/feature you'd like to see, like was done early on with CSM 6 and TiDi?
Yes. There are a lot of features being worked on already, which was the case with TiDi as well, but the CSM seems to be pretty unanimous in that we're going to 'spotlight' a POS re-vamp as our first big ~thing~ to make sure it doesn't get side-tracked.
2.) Has CCP discussed how the CSM are going to be involved with Dust 514?
There's been no talk so far about a DUST CSM. We met with the Senior and Executive producers of DUST before FanFest and several of us spoke even more with them over that weekend. They seemed much more engaged and positive about soliciting information and opinions from the CSM and the player base than what I've seen before. Now that the 'covers are off' of DUST, I expect to see CSM 7 more involved in how the two games affect each other.
3.) What are some of your plans for improving communications in CSM 7 vs. CSM 6?
One thing to clarify is that our goal of improving comms is more a matter for us as a group (CSM) to solve than CCP holding us back in any way. Quite a few of us are on some of the popular podcasts and EVE Radio regularly. Beyond that we're looking at doing a version of the past EVE Dev chats using EVE Voice. We want to do some sort of "Town Hall" format on multiple occasions throughout the term. Personally, in the near term, I would like to see us do something right before and then after the June CSM Summit.
TLDR - We are actively working on several ideas which we'll roll out in the next few weeks once they become formalized.
On The Web

We have started a new official CSM 7 twitter account. You can follow it by clicking here: CSM 7 Official Twitter

If you want to get a hold of a CSM member, Two Step has made a thread in Jita Park with the EVE Mail, Twitter names and Blogs of every delegate: How to get in touch with CSM 7

Myself and fellow CSM member Alekseyev Karrde did a podcast on Saturday night where we had a lot of fun and covered quite a lot of info: VandV Podcast: Episode 43

TEN EVEning News 4/9/12: Interview with CSM Delegate Alekseyev Karrde

We started a CSM Update thread on Failheap Challenge where myself and Two Step have been answering questions: CSM 7 General Gabbery

Jester wrote a blog on some of the CSM election issues. In the comments section are replies by Alekseyev and Hans Jagerblitzen: Blog Link | Comments

The Nosy Gamer did a Q&A with Seleene: Mercenaries, RMT and DUST 514 With CSM 7 Chairman Seleene

The Nosy Gamer did a Q&A with Alekseyev Karrde: Mercenaries, RMT and DUST 514 With Alekseyev Karrde

Also, Dovinian is working on some 'real' CSM 7 art and came up with this as CSM 7's prototype logo:


  1. Awesome update. Thats probably more information in one post than in the entirerity of the previous year.

    Thanks. All hail S! All hail S!

  2. Syggestion: Add a link to where this is posted in JP for easy reference. Better yet, start a CSM7 Activities Update page on the wiki, document all links, etc. there, and point everyone to that link in all blog, twitter or other social media. That way, the info repository persists in an official location. This is just a suggestion; dont need to post thus comment if you dont want to.

  3. Thankyou, Seleene. My major complaint about Mittani's CSM was the dearth of communication.Let's hope this doesn't turn I to a chore!