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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why I am running for CSM 6

Comrade Seleene

As a Game Designer at CCP for over three years, I watched from the inside as the CSM grew from an experiment into something that's now become, what I believe, to be one of the most important forces for change in the direction of the game. At the end of the day, I believe that even the most bitter folks in every EVE community all want the same thing - a fun and balanced game to play.

One of the key elements in moving the next CSM forward will be continuing to improve on the communication and accountability processes between the players and the developers. As someone that has been passionately involved from both sides of the fence, I feel I can do this very effectively.

There are several folks I'd like to see make it onto the CSM, but I believe it's going to take a very solid team effort in order to present and maintain a united front. I'm running because the people I would most likely vote for aren't and I also think I can make a difference and contribute in ways that others cannot because of having worked at CCP.  Additionally, I do have a rather unique perspective on who at CCP is willing and able to collaborate best with the CSM. I was one of the most vocal proponents of the CSM when I was there and I'd look forward to being on the 'other side' so to speak and possibly speak my mind more freely.

It is possible I will be one of the most neutral candidates running, not just in terms of EVE politics (e.g., I'm not locked into a political powerbloc), but also on game play issues. Labels like 'solo' player or 'bear' players or 'pirates' get tossed around a lot. Personally, I want to see everyone have an equally enjoyable game experience whatever their play style. Having worked game design for over three years at CCP, I've had to apply creative thinking to a variety of play styles. While my preferred play style may be making people explode and cry, I have a broader perspective because of the work I did on EVE as a dev. 

My main priority will be iteration and balancing of current features. Sure, I want to see new content as well, but iteration of the current game play would virtually guarantee new content as part of the process. I'll break down my thoughts on individual issues as this thing progresses.

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