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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I'm in the middle of writing my blog about FanFest 2012, but I have to take a moment to get the word out about something so ridiculously awesome that you must know about it right the hell now.  Yeah, it's about that pic above. Do you realize what you are looking at?? That, my friends, is a Rifter made out of LEGO.

I've been contacted by the man responsible for this certified amazing thing to make everyone possible aware that this is not just some hobby project or one off - this is something that could potentially take off and lead to things like LEGO Manticores and LEGO Megathrons and LEGO Nyxs. I want all three. Hell, I'd even buy a LEGO Bellicose. However, in order for this dream to become reality, some help is needed.

Everything like this starts in the 'idea' stage, which is represented on this page:

This page needs 10,000 'supporters' in order to be seriously considered 'a thing' by LEGO. Yes, there is a short registration process to go through but please do not let that put you off!  If you do not understand what this project is, let me make it very clear:

If the number of supporters hits 10,000 then LEGO and CCP will produce official LEGO products for EVE online. 

This could be you (without the red hair)!!
EVE has over 350,000 players so we have a huge untapped group of people. This could be a massive advertising success for EVE Online. Who hasn't heard of LEGO?! The promotion of these products or seeing them on the shelves could bring in thousands of new players to the game.

Click here to bump the Reddit thread.

There have been a couple of splash ads on the login screen but so far the project has only gained about 4400 supporters. This is underwhelming considering that there has been anywhere between 20K and 50K players online during the promotion and the page itself has had over 110,000 views. Please take a moment to go to the site, register and support this endeavor.  Do it for your children!!

*** UPDATE *** - The creator of the model answers a few questions:

Why is the Rifter white instead of rust colored?

Rust is a hard color to achieve in LEGO (they have orange, dark red, red, brown). Since I built this out of my own personal LEGO collection, I was limited by the number of colors and pieces I actually had. Since this is a prototype build, if it gets produced by LEGO, the colors can certainly be corrected at production.

Why did you make the Rifter?

I LOVE the ship designs of EVE Online. I'm not prejudiced for or against any faction ship. I had to create a ship that was iconic to the EVE universe, buildable in LEGO form, and pretty to look at from a non-EVE player perspective. I also wanted to create a ship that was minifig scale (IE - you can put a LEGO man in the cockpit). The Rifter matches those criteria.

The Rifter needs weapons!

Haha, yes it does. I'll leave that to the loving fanbase. Or maybe we can create hardpoints on the final product with swappable weapons.

Will you build **insert my favorite ship/faction** ?

YES. But the list of ships is enormous and everyone has a favorite. I honestly do not know what will happen when we reach 10,000 supporters. This could be a one shot model, or we could create a line of LEGO ships. So, at the very least, we can hope to get one LEGO product. The next hope would be to get one ship from each major faction. The really lofty goal would be to get multiple ships from each faction. But which ships? I think CCP and I see eye-to-eye when I say that YOU should decide. At some point, we'll need to run a poll to see what ships are created. I have my personal preferences along with ideas of which ships simply could not be made in LEGO form

The Rifter is 53m long; the Maelstrom is 1481m long - how can you build larger ships to scale with the Rifter?

The answer is simple - I can't. The reason I chose the Rifter is that I could create it minifig scale. To create larger ships, I will have to make them smaller and out of scale of the Rifter. This is known as midi or mini scale. This is certainly doable.


  1. Supported!

    If they had an Orca, I'd buy one of those in the blink of an eye.

  2. Supported! can't wait to own 1... Or 3. ;)

  3. Supported this since day 1, I've spread the word but more people need to sign it!

  4. The problem is having to register with lego, not many people would be bothered to register and get annoying facebook messages or emails. If it was a simple counter for clicks, you would have way more than 10k at this stage.

    1. Just FYI - I've been registered there for a few months and suffered no new / annoying emails or such because of it. :)

    2. Ah i dont mind them myself, i registered and voted, i just know what people are like, :p lazy!

    3. Same experience here. I supported this project a couple of weeks ago and haven't had a single piece of spam from LEGO.

  5. It took me 10 seconds to login with facebook, I dont see why anyone would complain about that.

  6. I registered and supported this project. I'd buy a quite a few if they did a series of frigates.